Can I trust this?

Being 100% genuine and authentic.
I do not expect you to trust me after reading and seeing my products.

The fact you do not trust me is completely my fault and I take responsibility for not building Credibility & trust with you. I do know for a fact that I Trust myself to deliver quality & results.

I know if you are reading this you have what it takes to succeed and take your Salon & your life to the next level, so with that I Trust you to make it work.
Plus myself and my team will never ever leave you feeling alone, abandon during this journey of growth. 
And, we have a 30 day Money Back guarantee!

I don't know if I would actually use this program?

Accountability plays a major part. I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars on programs through out my career that I never used so I understand this feeling. As part of our guarantee we will be here every step of the way holding you accountable to your decisions so it literally makes it impossible to fail and not use this.
I have been in the same boat and wish I had this offered to me so I know what needs to be done differently.
Our programs and 100% custom so its not a 'one shoe fits all' scenario, we will connect and discuss challenges you are facing and what you want t achieve, then the program is tailored exactly to that so you ultimately play a part in designing your journey!

I don't see the real value!

This is on me for not providing you the true value. Value is built over time and after Trust has been established so click this link [CONTACT ANDY] and lets chat so you can see the value in what I am offering & how we can help transform your Salon and eliminate any challenges you want gone!


I am not sure if my team will react well towards the change if I make this decision!

This is not an uncommon challenge Salons face. This is purely because as humans we do not adapt well to change.

It brings about uncertainty & Fear. This is not something you will have to deal with, when I say that it is my responsibility to build rapport and make the transition as effortless as possible and enjoyable for your team, obviously along with your assistance.

I am aware that your team is the greatest asset in generating revenue in your Salon, hence why their is a massive focus on getting the team involved with opportunities on how to grow the Salons revenue then showing your team how they can also win and achieve success in their own lives from working in your Salon & actively being involved in your decision to grow & expand your Salon.


This seems like a lot of money!

Correct I agree, it does seem like a lot of money. Let me ask you? If you could 10X your investment, eg. You spend $6K but turn that into $60K, would you be concerned about spending the $6K anymore?
We know the answer is NO.
It is our job to work alongside you and your team to generate 10 times your initial investment!


What does Andy know about this industry?

Great question! I am co-owner of a successful Skin Clinic 'The Skin Coaches' which myself & my partner Reegyn have grown into a Multi Million dollar Salon. Plus I am Co-founder & Owner of a successful Mineral makeup line 'FACE-BY-R'. Plus I also have 'Millionaire Salon Coach'.

I am actively involved with 'The Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (aka ABIC)'

I am passionate about the Hair and Beauty Industry and have been involved with it for 10 years and love it more and more everyday. 

I am inspired by it and know it is the answer to creating many many families legacies such as yours and mine!


How do I know results will happen?

We do our best to provide a non Fail approach, with how we Engage you as a client and part of the Family.
But ultimately results are never guaranteed and results are only as successful as the effort you are willing to put in, and with us in your corner we are always pushing and striving for that win, every second of every day.
Also we believe success has no end, so its not reach the end of the program and we walk away 'NEVER NEVER' we are in your corner for life!


What is my security if I go ahead?

Your security is knowing that, myself & my team are always here for support. We also offer a 30 day Money Back guarantee* obligation free.
Your security is knowing that I have ventured and been in your shoes when looking for a coach.
I have met a lot of coaches that I believed failed me as a client (or I failed myself) so I know exactly what to avoid and what needs to be avoided so you do not feel insecure about your investment decision.


Contact us today and let your Salons Growth journey begin: