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The background story

Hi, I'm Andy.

I'm a the Millionaire Salon Coach. Originally The Skin Coaches was a spray tanning salon now multi-million dollar empire with my beautiful partner. But it hasn't always been easy – we have come close to liquidation on more than one occasion, but have always bounced back.

My early years were pretty tough - I was drugging and drink driving and had a negative mindset about life. I always playing the victim, pointed the finger, pretty much just made up excuses about why life sucked. I grew up in an over-crowded, dirty caravan park in a single bed permanent caravan with my mum. My parents weren't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination - we didn't have a silver spoon in our mouths. So my childhood was anything but easy, still forever grateful for the opportunities life & my mum gave me none the less.

But despite all of that, I've managed to turn my life around and make something of myself for my two beautiful boys, my partner, my teams & my community. And my mission now is to help other salon owners do the same. I want to give them the gift of education and knowledge so they can build a solid financial foundation and live out their desired life.

Clients I have coached mentioned & I use it on my socials if you want to look. I have after only 3 sessions helped them have their biggest months yet! Other clients have said they now have clarity & clear direction, plus their team vibe is high with inspiration! Other clients started to have their $25K weeks in salon.

I've spent time managing a company that turned over $30M annually in the earlier years, so I know what it takes to be successful in business. One of my other passions is about giving back to disadvantaged youth, mentoring them on how to build a successful life (success is more than money). The best gift we can give is the gift of education & knowledge. Live Powerfully & Be Great.


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