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Andy Heyne, Salon Coaching Australia, Beauty Salon Coach

Andy Heyne your Millionaire Salon Coach! To Transform & Impact 200,000 Beauty Salons

After leading teams of over 110 personnel in the mines, I left the mining industry to start working on our Salon 'The Skin Coaches' that my partner Reegyn had been running. My Role was Finances & Team development! When I first entered the Beauty Industry (Full Time) it took some adjusting (to say the least, oops). But as time passed and I invested greatly in my own Self development as a Salon Owner so I could become a better leader for our Team. I started to notice a major shift within our Salon Vibe, the type of clientele we started to attract in our Salon & the increase in our Salon's day to day operations which led to a massive increase in revenue & profits (During COVID-19).

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These profits & revenue increase has allowed us to transfer the money and invest back into our Salon so we can add even greater value to our clients and our Team. Ultimately my passion lay with how I can positively impact and transform the lives and businesses of those around me. I am here to guarantee* YOU the exact SAME result!

As a kid that grew up in a Caravan park with young Parents & my father hardly around (my memory), my mother worked three jobs for us just to survive so I statistically was not meant to own and run a Multi Million dollar salon. To be frank I never until later in life saw myself here either!

After these successes & transformation our team, clients and our Salon were having that's when I knew I had discovered something special that needed to be shared with the Beauty industry, so Millionaire Salon Coach was born :) I knew it was not luck when I duplicated the process across all our Salon Team.

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Since then we have created several businesses within the beauty industry. This industry has taught me a lot about compassion, listening, impact & how we build confidence in our clients and Teams. As salon owners we focus a lot on our clients and teams but majority of the time not our selves as much (true or true?) For your Salon, Your Team & your Life to be truly transformed you first have to start with your self development THAT'S WHERE I COME IN :)

2022 Is your year your Salon's year to Prosper, Grow, Expand & Transform!!

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