Millionaire Salon Coach

Coaching By the Hour


This is your opportunity to grow your Salon/s without having to worry about spending hours a week for coaching. It takes 1 hr per week! Don't be fooled though, in 1 hr you will have a weeks worth of strategies to implement. I am not going to lie and mis lead you by saying its effortless and easy! Creating success and building the dream life is NEVER going to be easy. Although I WILL BE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU WHENEVER YOU NEED  so the process is easier.


Results are always the goal; Whether that be results for yourself as a leader, your team (if you have one), sales & revenue in your salon, eliminating gaps in your book, increasing your clientele, whatever you have set out to achieve from owning a salon!


If you feel you do not have much time in a day or during the week to focus too much on coaching sessions, then that is fine. That is why this program exists, because I know first hand the busy schedule of a Salon Owner! Your time and results are always the main focus here

This Program is for: YOU plus

  • Salon Owners Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Salon Owners Feeling stuck in where to go next
  • Salon Owners Having challenges with their teams retail
  • Salon Owners looking to employ their first Team member
  • Salon Owners Unsure about their mindset
  • Salon Owners Needing more inspiration
  • Salon Owners Wanting more out of life from running & owning a Business
  • Salon Owners That want to expand locations
  • Salon Owners Wanting to Generate over the $1M-$2M more in annual revenue
  • Salon Owners In any state, facing any challenges from their Business


Lock in your Free 30 Minute Consult now or buy Packages By the Hour!


We all know Time and life is not slowing down. The best thing we can do for our Clients, our Selves, Our Families, Our communities is to jump with both feet in and take every second we have to do the best we can. ARE YOU that person? I believe so 😁

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