Millionaire Salon Coach

Empire Salon Coaching 4 week Program


Are you ready to complete your empire?

Andy will give you exclusive guidance to help you achieve your personal goals, build your empire, and take your life & Salon to the next level of success.
The Empire Salon Coaching Program was created for forward thinkers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs, professionals, Salon owners so it was created for YOU!

why this program?

  • Bonus Resources To Reference & Eliminate any challenges on the Daily
  • Feel confident when your BAS, GST payments are due
  • Have confidence when superannuation is due
  • Have confidence when employees Take annual leave
  • This is a 'Done With You' program
  • 24/7 Support
  • In Person Training Days
  • Industry Leading Team Development process (That Generates 10x Revenue)
  • One-One Power Sessions
  • 1 Hr Power Sessions With Your Entire Team (Optional)

 Whats included!

  • Introductory meeting to outline what areas you as the salon owner want to improve on with your Team & Salon. Lets dig deep and turn challenges into areas of growth!

  • 4 Weeks of 1hr coaching sessions with yourself & your entire team 

  • A deep dive meeting with you as the Salon Owner (This is the magic sauce that completes the recipe)

  • Beauty Salon Success Code
  • Rewards & Incentives Blueprint (key to your therapists generating large revenue)
  • Free Teamwork Book by Natalie Dawson
  • How to ATTRACT, ALIGN, RETAIN, DEVELOP new Team Members
  • Brand Awareness and promotion - Drive more clients to your salon
  • Goal Setting & Alignment workshop - Instill inspiration for your entire team to grow the salon
  • Attitude, Mindset & belief workshop - Strengthen relationships all round (this equals more revenue & impact)
  • Sales Workshop - Focused on how to drive & add more revenue streams to your salon and make sure your salon is 10X profitable

    Some Bonuses

    1. Personal visits to your Salon for a powerhouse day of Team training & Alignment
    2. Every week an extra 1 hr private session
    3. On going support every day and when needed
    4. Step by Step processes on handling challenges
    5. Accountability with your team
    6. Great price and packages on one of the worlds fastest growing and most popular Salon Software's

    Andy's Promise to you

    On going support, you will NEVER feel abandon through this journey!


    For more information, please call:



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