Millionaire Salon Coach

Salon Foundation Growth Training


Know with confidence Exactly what inspires your team or yourself & watch your salon sales SOAR!

When you discover exactly what each of your Team members individually want to achieve in life; Personally, Professionally & Financially (if you have a team). Your business will hit a level never before until now Known! Goals give us direction. Do you sometimes feel you are operating your Beauty Business without a lot of direction? Is their times where your like 'what have i achieved, or what am i doing?"

EG; You don't just get in your car, turn the key on and have absolutely no destination in mind right? That is what not having goals (INTENTIONAL GOALS) is like for your business and life!

If you do not have a team, this program is still for you. No matter what stage or cycle your business is in. You still need goals! AS a solopreneur you are the first foundation to your business!

This Goal setting & Alignment will make it easy to handle:

  • Staff members with low attitude & mindset
  • Team members with a tendency to Bit*ch to other therapists
  • Team members with a lack of initiative
  • Lack in client satisfaction
  • Slow down in weekly, monthly, annual revenue
  • Disconnected Team members
  • Team meetings
  • One-one team meetings
  • Effective communication skills

What you Get:

  • Goal setting & Alignment blueprint that took over 10 years to develop
  • Proven Strategy that has the potential to make your salon over $1.2M in revenue
  • Free 2 hour Training & How To implement session
  • Ongoing Support
  • Increased Salon Revenue
  • High Vibe Team environment
  • More Clients
  • Higher return of clients
  • More time as the owner
  • Eliminated financial worry
  • Increased self confidence
  • Increased team ability to thrive

Purchase Your Copy Today & Start to Have a more abundant Salon and clinic!



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