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Salons Monthly Expenses vs Sales

$27.00 $147.00


Break your monthly expenses down to the day with no hassle or manual calculation. Enter your monthly expenses & the rest will populate itself right down to the daily cost. WHY is this important? You will have full clarity on what your Beauty Business needs to generate in terms of revenue every month, week, day even annually to cover expenses! From there you just need to say my profit needs to be $x and, like magic your salon numbers are DONE!

No longer just guessing or assuming if your business is doing well or needs improvement. This will tell you exactly where your salon stands to the cent.

PLUS you receive a recorded video on how to use the sheet to enter data and how to read it!

You may assume and say, that's my accountants Job right? To be fair that is not your accountants job. Its your job to monitor and know the health of your business. 'What we do not pay attention to will eventually become a liability (just like your monthly expenses)'.

I can guarantee, this sheet will take you 10 minutes to fill out! After those 10 minutes you will be like; 'WHOAAAA i had no idea'

Have the control over your Salon, purchase today

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