Millionaire Salon Coach

Savvy Salon Sales


Increase the Confidence Either in; Yourself or Your Team, with product sales & service Upgrades!

This is not your average 'AHHHH' Sales training:

Let me ask you this, and be honest with yourself. Would you say you retail successfully to every client that you see each day? Does your team? If yes are your clients taking home all the home care products they need to, or just 1-2?

I am going to share something mind blowing with you now!! Did you know you can increase your salons revenue anywhere from $55,000 - $275,000 in ONE YEAR just from 1 Extra Product!! This I can guarantee you!

Sales has a terrible rep and in our Industry we do not like being pushy, salesy or even being associated with the 'SALES' industry. For 9 years we learnt the hard way until one day we broke through with our Salon Sales by:

  • Making it fun & relatable to our Clients
  • Really Speaking to our clients 'TRUE' concerns
  • Using it to be 100% booked up with clients day to day (with a cancellation wait list)
  • Allowing our Salon Sales to Impact & add greater value to our clients
  • Consistent, Practical & Fun Team Training and Combined Input

Eliminating financial stress starts here:

You have built a successful salon (even if you may not believe it, YET). You Put in the hard work, sweat, tears into your Salon but you know your salon & your therapist's are capable of more! You know that you can add even greater impact to your Clients lives, your life & your teams lives? You have attempted courses and mentors before but nothing has really worked how you wanted it too? Great news we have been on that train in our own Salon ' The Skin Coaches'. Savvy Salon Sales workshop is an industry leading workshop on how to increase revenue, in your Salon. This Training will not only increase revenue in your salon but it will also add inspiration to your team, BECAUSE a Team that wins

Are you searching for ways to increase salon sales without sounding Salesy?

If so, this workshop is definitely for you! Learn strategies to increase sales by 30% in just 90 days. Our experts will teach you how to correctly identify objections and handle them with ease. So whether your clients say they can't afford it, need to talk to their partners or are just not interested, trust that your therapists have it handled. Purchase today and start boosting your salon's bottom line!


Benefits: Strategies that have been tested & refined in Salon

  1. Increased Salon Revenue
  2. Elevated Salon Vibes
  3. Increased Value add to clients
  4. Eliminate Financial Stress
  5. Increased Owner Freedom
  6. Increase Salon Abundance
  7. Effective Role Play to Increase Team confidence
  8. Understanding real client objections VS Fear
  9. Adding greater value to your clients without sounding Salesy
  10. Features VS Advantages VS Benefits. What actually makes the clients purchase
  11. Knowing if the clients 'TRUE' skin concern has been handled (not what We think it is) Secret recipe this one!!
  12. No extra time wasted with clients (eventually it saves time)

Have your Team of Therapists generating higher Sales!!


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